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Lasting Value

Nordic Grain and Seed A/S (NGS) is a trading house specializing in the global trade of grains, pulses, and oilseeds.


Nordic Grain & Seed prioritizes delivering high-quality products at competitive prices while fostering sustainability and creating value for both our suppliers and customers.  As a niche-based independent international trading house, NGS strives to excel in every engagement. Our partners can expect competitive prices, a strong relationship, and reliable service when trading a variety of products in our market, including biomass, grain, malting barley, feedstuff, and more. We offer both bulk vessel and FCL lot options to meet diverse needs.


Our team at NGS has developed key competences in malting barley trade, demonstrating detailed knowledge of quality aspects across continents, while also displaying expertise in the handling and certification processes required to meet the growing demands of first-class maltsters and brewers globally.


Our commitment to environmental responsibility is evident in our efforts to optimize the biomass-to-biogas supply chain, which forms the foundation of our sustainability initiatives. With a team boasting extensive experience in international merchandising, we are confident in our ability to provide exceptional service and value to partners in the northern European biomass/biogas market, as well as our partners worldwide.


As an associated company of Nordic Bulk Company, NGS benefits from solid financial backing and an extensive global network. This enables us to provide timely delivery to virtually any destination, reinforcing our commitment to customer satisfaction and operational excellence.


NGS’s commitment to quality and sustainability is highlighted by our EFISC GTP certification. This recognition reflects our dedication to maintaining high standards throughout our supply chain and reinforces our position as a trusted partner in the global marketplace.

Trusted Trading. Lasting Value.

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Meet the team

Trading – Simon Vingum Bitsch

Simon Vingum Bitsch, the CEO of Nordic Grain and Seed A/S (NGS) is an accomplished grain merchant. NGS is company specializing in the trading of grains, pulses, and oilseeds to customers worldwide.

Simon holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business and Politics from Copenhagen Business School. During his studies, he interned at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), where he gained an in-depth understanding of the agricultural futures markets.

Having returned to Denmark, Simon spent eight years at Dansk Landbrugs Grovvareselskab (DLG), Northern Europe’s largest agribusiness, where he gained extensive experience in imports of feed materials and exports of grains, particularly in malting barley and served as the head of DLG’s grain origination strategy.

In 2018, Simon joined Frey P/S as part of the founding team. Frey soon became a leader in containerized agricultural trading. During his time at Frey P/S, Simon completed his Executive MBA from Henley Business School while playing a crucial role in building the company from scratch to a successful global business.

Simon brings his extensive experience in trading, execution, and leadership to NGS thereby delivering efficiencies to the supply chains while caring for its partners.

Execution – Michael S. Pedersen

Michael S. Pedersen, an experienced professional in the contract execution department of NGS. With almost 30 years of experience in transportation and contract execution, Michael brings invaluable expertise and knowledge to our team.

Michael’s journey began with his completion of the trainee program at KFK, Denmark’s largest agribusiness at the time. He then worked in Germany for about three years developing his skills in freight forwarding and barge transportation.

Upon his return to KFK, Michael played a key role in executing complex tasks. From 2003 MiIchael spent two years at the Baltic Transshipment Center doing logistics and coaster execution between CIS countries and Northern Europe.

In 2005, Michael joined the parent company of NGS, Nordic Bulk Company, as Execution Manager. For the past 18 years, he has been managing a wide range of challenging execution tasks globally, including all possible modes of transportation and a wide range of products. Michael’s meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence have made him a valuable asset to the industry, whether executing a Panamax vessel or a trial cargo in containers.

Student AssistantMathilde Barnstein Nielsen

Mathilde Barnstein Nielsen contributes as a student assistant, providing valuable support to our team. Currently studying towards a bachelor’s degree in economics and business administration at Aarhus University BSS, Mathilde’s academic pursuits equip her with a strong foundation in micro-, macro- and environmental economics, business/project management, finance, mathematics, data collection and analysis, and more.

With a diverse background that includes living in Sweden, Argentina, Bangladesh, the USA, and Spain, Mathilde brings a global perspective and cultural awareness to her work. Apart from being fluent in written and spoken English and Danish, Mathilde has a proficient level of Spanish, allowing her to engage comfortably in everyday conversations and navigate various situations in Spanish-speaking environments.